Brittany Huber Art influenced the inspiration behind B. Scrolls. Brittany Huber was a beautiful, vivacious budding artist who had a strong faith and love for Jesus Christ. On April 28, 2014, Brittany’s earthly life ended in a single car accident. She was 24 years old. Brittany and, her fiancé, John Redman were traveling to their hometown of Mobile, Alabama from their established residence in Dalton, Georgia. However, life took a different turn that day as they were on their way to Mobile for their anticipated May 3rd wedding date. The couple hydroplaned forcing their car into a concrete bridge support where Brittany passed away instantly, and John was left in a coma. John returned to a normal life after months of intensive therapy sessions.

brittany in the sand

Brittany grew up deaf in a hearing world. She wore bilateral hearing aids from the time she was 18 months old until her death. Brittany worked very hard in the classroom as well as outside of the classroom. She was a phenomenal lip reader, and she often stated, “I can do anything that a hearing person can do”. Brittany exhibited a strong artistic talent at an early age, and she developed her own sense of creative style as she continued through her life. She was a 2008 graduate of St. Paul’s Episcopal School where she completed four years of art classes. She finished college at the University of South Alabama in three and a half years and was pursuing a second degree in Studio Art. Many of her collections were displayed and sold in Kangal Art Gallery as well as St. Paul’s Campus Store. Brittany’s legacy lives on through the many artistic gifts that she leaves behind. The creative inspiration for her collections was formed from her divine relationship with the Lord. Some of her spiritual designs have been reproduced to stationery cards and prints. We at B. Scrolls hope that you too can be inspired and have your spirits lifted through these simple yet elegant collections.

A scholarship has been established at St. Paul’s Episcopal School and is awarded each year to recognize a rising senior who, like Brittany, faced obstacles and challenges, but flourished while at St. Paul's. In addition, a fund has been established in her name at The Community Foundation of South Alabama. This fund will assist children like Brittany who are in need of hearing aids. All proceeds received from these timeless collections will go toward the scholarship and fund.

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